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johon joka   Pron Rel Sg Ill
johon   Adv Qnt

joka, relative pronoun

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joka / who, which, thatmikä / which, that
Nom - joka jotka mikä mit
Par -ta jota joita mi -
Gen -n jonka joittenka / joitten / joiden / joidenka min -
Ill mihin johon / jonne / johonka joihin minne / mihin -
Ine -ssa jossa joissa missä -
Ela -sta josta joista mistä -
All -lle jolle joille mille -
Ade -lla jolla joilla millä -
Abl -lta jolta joilta miltä -
Tra -ksi joksi joiksi miksi -
Ess -na jona joina mi -
Abe -tta jotta joitta - -
Com -ne - - - -
Ins -in - join - -
that / who / which

in context: As a relative pronoun, joka only tends to refer to the previous word or phrase, as opposed to a whole sentence (like mikä). In colloquial usage, this distinction is usually not as clear-cut.
     Fin: Ostin uuden puhelimen, joka on toiminut hyvin.
     Eng: I bought a new phone that has been working well. ("that" refers to the phone)
     Fin: Ostin uuden puhelimen, mikä oli ihan hyvä kokemus.
     Eng: I bought a new phone, which was quite a good experience. ("which" refers to the purchase)
that / who / which

in context: In Eastern Finnish dialects, the indeclinable stem -ka is still used and, thus, the pronoun forms with -ka can occur in standard Finnish on occasion, because it is not a big error to use it: joidenka, jotenka, joihinka, jonneka etc.
every, each

     Fin: Hän käy lenkillä joka päivä.
     Eng: She goes jogging every day.
     Fin: joka kerta
     Eng: every time
     Fin: joka puolella/puolelta/puolelle, joka paikassa/paikasta/paikkaan
     Eng: everywhere
     Fin: joka tapauksessa
     Eng: in any case, at any rate
     Fin: joka toinen vuosi
     Eng: every two years, biennially
Derived terms:
joka ainoa
joka ikinen
joka toinen

From the pronominal stem jo- + the suffix -ka. The stem jo- is from Proto-Finnic jo (pronominal stem), from Proto-Finno-Permic jo. Related to Karelian joka, Votic jõka, Northern Sami juogọ, Erzya юза тоза (juza toza) and Eastern Mari юж (ûž).
Source: Wiktionary
Hän on mies, joka ei pelkää.He is a man who does not fear.
Tämä on kirja, jota en halua lukea.This is a book that I don't want to read.
Talo jossa asun on Helsingissä.The house where I live is in Helsinki.
Sain lahjan, josta on hyötyä.I got a present which is useful ('of which is use').
Ne olivat aikoja, jotka eivät palaa.Those were the times that will never return.
Tapahtumat joista kuulin olivat kauheita.The events which I heard of were terrible.
Se on paras paikka minkä tiedän.It is the best place that I know.
Tässä ovat kirjeet, jotka lähetit minulle.Here are the letters, that you sent to me.
Tuo on kertomus, johon en usko.That is a story that I don't believe.
Tuli sade, mikä esti matkamme.It rained, which prevented our trip.
Se on parasta, mitä minulle on koskaan tapahtunut.It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

johon, Adverb Quantifying

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Translations & synonyms

to which
which the
in which
to which the

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