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heille he   Pron Pers All

he, personal pronoun

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(personal) they (always plural, only of people)

In standard Finnish, he is practically never omitted, despite the verb showing both the person and the number. (compare the usage of hän, "she" / "he")
(dialectal): het(dialectal): hyö(colloquial): ne Descendants[edit] Kven: .desc-arr[title]{cursor:help}.mw-parser-output .desc-arr[title="uncertain"]{font-size:.7em;vertical-align:super} See also[edit] Finnish personal pronouns first second third anim third inan familiar polite singular minä sinä Te hän se plural me te he ne
From Proto-Finnic hek, from Proto-Finno-Permic sej. Cognates include Northern Sami sii. The word is inflected as plural, but there is no plural marker in the nominative, except in dialects (het). From Phoenician 𐤄‎ (h) and/or Hebrew ה‎.
Source: Wiktionary
Etkö enää tunne minua?Don't you know me any longer?
Minulla on kova nälkä.I am very hungry.
Sinussa ei ole mitään vikaa.There is nothing wrong with you.
Minä rakastan häntä.I love him.
Heihin ei voi luottaa.They cannot be trusted.
Saat vastaukseni minulta huomenna.You will get an answer from me tomorrow.
Näin teidät ravintolassa.I saw them in the restaurant.
En tunne heitä.I don't know them.
Tämä on meidän kirjamme.This is our book.
Minusta appelsiini on huono.In my opinion the orange is bad.
Anna omena meille!Give the apple to us!
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