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tahansa tahansa   Pcle

tahansa, Unclassified particle, lexical feature for undecided particles

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Translations & synonyms

any time
any of the
any of
of any

any, -ever, either; used with interrogative pronouns (kuka, mikä, missä, milloin, millainen, kumpi etc.) to indicate that a choice between available options (which may be infinite) is indifferent or arbitrary in at least one respect.

     Fin: Mikä tahansa voisi saada hänet raivostumaan.
     Eng: Anything could infuriate him/her.
     Fin: Minkä tahansa valinnan teet, sillä on seurauksensa.
     Eng: Whichever choice you make, there will be consequences.
     Fin: Minulle sopii mikä tahansa, mitä sanot.
     Eng: Whatever you say is fine with me.
     Fin: Kenelle tahansa sen (sitten) annatkin, älä anna sitä minulle.
     Eng: Whomever you give it to, don't give it to me.
     Fin: Kuka tahansa saattaisi kysyä tätä.
     Eng: Anyone might ask this.
     Fin: Missä tahansa (sitten) asutkin, varo karhuja.
     Eng: Wherever you live, beware of the bears.
     Fin: Voit ottaa kumman auton tahansa.
     Eng: You can take either car.
Derived terms:
kuka tahansa
mikä tahansa
taha- +‎ -nsa; the stem is from the same origin as tahtoa and is also seen in tai (archaic tahi).
Source: Wiktionary
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