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About us
Two immigrants. One impossible to learn language. One PhD.
Everyone struggles with learning Finnish. So do we. Learning the basics goes smoothly, courses help a ton, and there are study tools available for beginners. But making a hop into intermediate teritory is tough. It requires constant exposure to the language and a decent amount of self-study.
At the time, intermediate-level tools for learning Finnish were far and between. Through Senka's research work at the University of Helsinki, we got acquainted with the latest state of the art language technology. During our own studies we quickly realized how useful those tools are. Although they are publicly available (open source), the prerequisite technical skill necessary to use them is quite high. Therefore, only a very limited number of people is able to use them for non-scientific purposes, like language learning.
Realizing how useful this technology is - we decided to create a simple to use user-interface and bring it to everyone. Kieli.net was born!

10+ years in
Expert in NLP, AI
Senka Drobac
PhD in Language Technology

15+ years of
Božo Jonić
Software engineer

Kieli Experts OY
Business ID: 3165696-9
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